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Fiesa, Piran - Slovenia, Hotel Barbara, WP4 Working Group Meeting on “Administrative rules & regulations for the implementation of the Pilot Joint Call (PJC)” and WP9 Management Workshop

08. - 10. May. 2006

WP4 is implementing two Working Group Meetings aiming at the discussion and identification of administrative procedures and legal aspects of the Pilot Joint Call (PJC), in order to prepare a decision memo to be decided on at the Steering Board meeting in October 2006.

This invitation addresses not only the WP leaders. The participation of experts in the field of national administrative and legal procedures as well as the underlying rules and regulations within the promotion of research and development (R&D) and innovation activities in their countries is of utmost importance.

This first meeting in Slovenia is dealing with specific details of the rules and regulations involving the implementation of the PJC, the second meeting on June 26/27 in France will focus on project application procedures & assessment within the Pilot Joint Call (PJC).

Tartini Square Piran

Steering Board Meeting in Vienna, Austria, WP4

05. - 07. Apr. 2006

The 4th Steering Board Meeting is the first occasion where the consortium of the enlarged SEE-ERA.NET will meet: The Albanian Ministry of Education and Science and the Serbian Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection participate no longer as observers but as new partners to the Steering Board Meeting.

Additionally, this Steering Board Meeting gives further potential observers or partners (the Research Council of Norway) the opportunity to present their West Balkan activities and programmes. After this open part, the Steering Board Meeting will continue, for partners only.

One of the key elements of the internal Steering Board Meeting will be the discussion of a first draft of a SEE-ERA.NET pilot joint call (WP 4 together with WP 5). Information will be given also on the interview results with representatives of international organisations, NGOs and other players in the region.

As discussed and agreed upon during the last Steering Board Meeting in Bled in September 2005, there will be an informal meeting of an internal forum of the West Balkan countries prior to the Steering Board Meeting (April 5, 2006).

Software Integration Workshop

13. 03. 2006

Software Integration Workshop in Austria, WP7, T 7.5

In this meeting the integration of the Database developed by Work Package 3 into the official SEE-ERA.NET website was discussed and agreed on.

Working Group Meeting (with invited experts)

01. Mar. 2006

Working Group Meeting (with invited experts) in Slovenia, WP4, T 4.1-4.5

New approaches for RTD co-operation in the European Research Area: Regional and European wide co-operation with Southeast Europe

15. - 16. Dec. 2005

An Information Exchange Conference, organized by the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports

The conference “New approaches for RTD co-operation in the European Research Area: Regional and European wide co-operation with Southeast Europe” is organized in the frame of the Southeast European Era-Net (SEE-ERA.NET). This is a networking project aimed at integrating EU member states and Southeast European countries in the European Research Area by linking research activities within existing national, bilateral and regional RTD programmes.

The conference is the first major public information event within SEE-ERA.NET, providing an overview on the current situation of RTD co-operation in the area with identification of “good practice”, the needs of the region and possible synergies. The following topics will be discussed:
* The Western Balkan Countries in an enlarging Europe – perspectives and expectations
* Added Value for the European Research Area by using opportunities and chances offered by the Western Balkan Countries
* Co-operation between the Western Balkan Countries and the European Partners
* Requirements and expectations
Participating at the conference will be high-level researchers and key players from the region and the European Union, as well as representatives from international organizations. Attendance is by invitation only.

The conference will take place in Sheraton Zagreb Hotel, Kneza Borne 2, Zagreb

Contact information:
Conference organizer:
Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, Croatia
Damir Jelicic, phone: + 385 1 4594 457, e-mail:
Ida Skevin, phone: + 385 1 4594 354, e-mail:

For issues concerning communication and dissemination please contact:
Florian Gruber at


SEE-ERA.NET Steering Board Meeting in Bled

22. - 23. Sep. 2005

The Slovenian Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MHEST) organised the 3rd SEE-ERA.NET Steering Board meeting on 22 and 23 September in Bled, Slovenia. The MHEST is a key actor in the Southeast European Era-Net. The ministry is in charge of the implementation of Work Package 2 (WP2) that represents a major knowledge input for SEE-ERA.NET as regards to:
· structure of the national systems of research and RTD priorities of all West Balkan countries,
· identify specific needs for enhancing their presence in international, multilateral and European RTD co-operation endeavours.

SEE-ERA.NET will assure the quality of its future operations by identifying and addressing the real needs and problems of the West Balkan target countries.

WP2 is closely connected to WP1 and WP3, which also operate on the level of systematic information exchange. Results of WP2 will be presented during the Information Exchange Conference organized on 15 and 16 December 2005 by the Croatian SEE-ERA.NET partner, the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports. This Steering Board meeting will discuss the reports of the first three work packages, talk about the final plan of the Zagreb conference and decide on strategic communication issues (WP7).

Furthermore, this SEE-ERA.NET Steering Board meeting will tackle the Identification and Discussion on Strategic issues by presenting an updated step-by-step plan by the Work Package 4 leader, the International Bureau of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany. This work package very much relies on the results of the Information Exchange work packages (WP1, WP2 and WP3) and represents the central element of SEE-ERA.NET. It is designed to lay the bases for implementation of joint activities, such as a joint multilateral call for proposals (WP5 and WP6).

Working Group Meeting, Budapest

11. 07. 2005

WP1, T 1.1 – T 1.5

Brussels: WP4 "Awareness raising in Brussel"

08. - 09. Jun. 2005

Sofia: 2nd Steering Board Meeting & 2nd Working Group Meeting

10. - 11. Mar. 2005

The 2nd Steering Board Meeting is held in conjunction with the Working Group Meeting for Workpackage 3

Budapest: 1st Working Group Meeting

09. - 10. Dec. 2004

Workpackage 1 Working Group Meeting

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